Ice House

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Built in 1928 by John Keller, the Ice House was the first artificial ice plant in the area. The individuals who were supposed to purchase the business lost their financing with the onset of the Great Depression, and so it ended up in the hands of Keller’s son-in-law, Iner Anderson. Shortly after Prohibition, beer was sold there, and it became a fixture of Yankton. It is one of the only bars in the country with carhop service. However, most people prefer to sit on the “dock” in front of the Ice House while enjoying a beverage and partake in the tradition of smashing empty bottles against the brick wall beneath it. The Anderson family still runs the business and Jim Anderson is known for his ability to smash cans with his feet at an unprecedented pace. He once appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman to display this skill to a national audience.

101 Capital St.

(605) 665-2631




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