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Thank you for your interest in submitting an event listing to the Events Calendar. Please review the following submission guidelines, then complete the form to be considered:

  • This website does not serve as a community calendar for locally-based activities. It is preferred that events motivate and entice tourists to visit the destination. Examples of acceptable events include: performing arts, live entertainment, gallery and museum exhibits or showings, festivals, sporting events, children or family activities, lectures, workshops, seminars, recreational activities and community or professional performances.
  • Event attendance should be open to the public. Admission fees are allowed.
  • The Yankton Convention and Visitors Bureau reserves the right to edit or modify your event description.
  • Allow up to seven business days for your request to be reviewed and uploaded to the calendar, if approved.
  • Typically, the following types of activities are NOT featured on the event calendar: local fundraisers, job fairs, open houses, K-8 school performances, church services & programs, auditions, political events and private events.
  • An event should not be solely a commercial endeavor or advertise the same. We do not post "sales" for businesses or events that are clearly designed to attract people to one business for the purpose of selling that business product or service.
    • We do, however, allow events that feature multiple participating businesses sales, such as; downtown sidewalk sales, boat and RV shows, gun shows, craft shows, art shows, antique shows, etc.
  • The event should be held within a 15 mile radius of Yankton, SD. Typically events held in surrounding communities do not qualify, however this is flexible and is at the discretion of the Yankton CVB staff.
  • Submission does not guarantee that your event will be added to the calendar.
  • Graphics are at the discretion of the Yankton CVB staff.

Target Audience:

  • Individual or group, domestic or international who is considering /planning a trip to Yankton, SD
  • Visitors who are seeking unique experiences during their stay, or are searching for something to do once they have arrived in the area

Exceptions to these guidelines may be made at the discretion of the Yankton Convention and Visitors Bureau staff. For more information regarding event submission guidelines, please contact the Yankton CVB at (605) 665-3636.

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